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No properties are found in the Referral Network

There may be no properties matching the request criteria.

    Try the following:
  • Ensure that you have chosen one of your properties if you have more than one
  • Verify that the dates are OK - re-write in the d-mmm-yy format if in doubt
  • Widen the search to include more bedrooms
  • Widen the search to include a larger proximity - City being the widest

If this does not result in some matches then there is no-one in the network that matches the criteria with availability. You can check by drilling down to your area on the right of this page.

As a sanity check, enter a distant date and make the min/max bedrooms 2 & 7 with only a few guests and see if any matches occur. If not, then there's likely to be no-one else in your area on the network - invite those that you know to join.