Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Who pays for a booking?

The VR Referral Network and Partner Listing Sites are free for all to join. Properties in it are included in referral requests that match availability, size and proximity and nothing is payable until a Confirmed Booking has been made.

There are no fees or commissions for your own bookings.

If you are the one making the booking

Confirmed Booking is one where there is a signed contract and an initial payment has been made (usually a non-redundable deposit). At this point the non-refundable Referral Commission is due for payment - either to the member that submitted the referral to you (the Referral Originator) or the Partner Listing Site. If the booking later cancels then the Referral Commission is still due as the original referral was successful and the site performed its role. You would also keep the non-refundable booking deposit so it does makes sense. Imagine if the charge was per lead/inquiry - some sites do that and you'll always pay no matter whether you book or not. This way you should always have some income from which to pay the small commission.

The Referral Commission amount is per night night booked and is defined here. If you book 7 nights and the per-night amount is $5 then you'll pay $35.

If you submitted the referral (the Referral Originator)

If you used the VR Referral Network to submit a referral they you should receive the commission payment directly from the owner that booked. Once a Referral Commission has been received you must send 50% of it to MyVRZone as it's commission split for providing the service. If there are multiple commission payments then these can be combined into a single payment provided that the different bookings included are referenced.

Payment Options

Mail US$ checks to: c/o Robinson Rentals, 6174 Valley Glen Drive, San Jose, CA 95123 USA
PayPal: A link is provided in the notification emails for paying via PayPal.