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Track inquiries from my own website

Firstly create a private referrer for this new referral source in the Setup>Main >> Advertisers+Synchronization>Referrers tab - once created it will show up in the Direct/Indirect Referral Source lists for each reservation.

Integrating a request form on your website?

If you have, or will be, integrating the request form onto your website then note the ID number that is indicated to the right of the private entry for your site on the Setup>Main >> Advertisers+Synchronization>Referrers tab. Add the following to the iframe's src URL "&r=#", where # is replaced by the ID number above. Now, whenever a request form submission comes in from your website it will automatically be tagged as coming from your site as a direct referrer.

For Silver Plan subscribers

The Referral Source is displayed in email requests coming from the integrated request form. It is also entered into the reservation via the Booking Form when the traveler selects the original referrer used to find your listing. Without Quoted Online Booking there's no link between a request and a reservation.

For Platinum subscribers

With Quoted Online Booking the referral source is tracked automatically from the request (email/website/phone) into the response and into the reservation via the Booking Form