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Automatic Email Responders

For Platinum Plan subscribers only

Auto-responders allow you to reply to an incoming email automatically with a message as soon as it is received so that the sender knows it's been delivered.

Typically, the messages acknowledge that the email has been received and gives an indication as to when a fuller response will be provided.

Why use an auto-responder?

There are a few reasons:

  1. The sender knows that their request has been delivered.
  2. Advertiing sites are starting to track response times (FlipKey, HomeAway)
    • These response times are being used to determine the ranking of your listings.
    • An auto-responder can game the system by providing a fast initial response even though the real response happens later.

MyVRZone auto-responders

MyVRZone offers three different auto-responders, each with their own email template. Only one will be sent at a time, but which one depends on the history with that particular email address.

Auto-responder Priority Usage Predefined Template
Previous Reply 1

This is for cases where you've already sent a response/email to this email address.

This email is typically part of an ongoing conversation with a guest.

Auto-Response - Already Replied

New Inquiry 2

This is for cases where you've never received an inquiry from this email address before, but the system recognises it as coming from an advertising site.

This email is typically the first inquiry from a guest. Sometimes you can get duplicate/similar requests from the same inquirer in quick succession.

Responding with a full Quote: You can choose a quote template for this auto-responder so that a full quotation is sent! Note that all of the default options will apply - it would be like what you'd get the first time you click on the request when quoting manually - so be sure you are OK with that. If you always change what the system provides by default then don't set this with a quote template.

NOTE: If you get more than one inquiry from the same email and have not responded directly then this auto-responder will send a response for each email.

Auto-Response - New Inquiry
Advertiser Email 3

If the request has come from a listing site that uses an email address that they generated for you to reply to, then this auto-responder will reply to that (as well as the real email address if that was retrieved - see section below for more about this).

This will catch emails that could be used to track response times. It is recommended that you always set this.

Auto-Response - Advertiser Email
Default 4

If none of the above auto-responders match or are not set, then this auto-responder is the catch-all.

Configure this if you want every email to get an auto-response.

Auto-Response - Default

What to respond with - which template?

For each Auto-responder you can choose to send:

  1. No response (the default)
  2. A Template that is already available:
    • There are Predefined Templates for each case (indicated in the last column of the table above)
    • Any of your own Templates. Copy a predefined one and edit that, create one from scratch or use something that you have already created (if appropriate)

What about advertisers that don't use the guest's real email address?

These advertisers are typically the ones that are measuring response times, so it's most critical to respond to these.

MyVRZone will try to find the real email address for each inquiry and will send the auto-response to both the advertiser-generated email address and the real one. See more here about the real email addresses.

Be sure to set up the "Advertsier Email" auto-responder to make sure that all of these emails are responded to.

Templates returning no text (Advanced)

If you use a template that can produce a blank result (using conditional text to prevent sending the template under certain circumstances) then the system will move on to the next lower priority auto-responder and see if that matches.

As the "Previous Reply" and "New Inquiry" auto-responders are mutually exclusive, this means that the "Default" auto-responder will be used (if set to a template).

This is useful if you want to add some extra checks before sending the response but want to ensure that something is sent each time.

Where do you set this up?

Go to the Setup>Main >> Account tab and scroll down the the new "Auto Responders" section to choose the templates.

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