Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Custom Labels

Platinum subscribers only

Custom Labels allow you to tag your reservations or requests with a particular status for easy use in your own business process.

Labels can be selected from a drop-down list for every reservation and request (Platinum subscribers). For example, a request might be set as "Pending callback", or "Hot", or "Cold". Maybe a Reservation can be set as having "Special payment terms"?

For Platinum subscribers, reminders can be made dependent on these labels too

Set up your labels in the "Setup>Main >> Account>Info" tab. It may make sense to use common prefixes if you want the labels to be specific to Reservations or Requests, eg

  • "Reservation - Special Rates",
  • "Reservation - Late Deal",
  • "Request - Hot",
  • "Request - Waiting for callback"



There's no way to filter a report by label at this time.