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Email Tracking with automatic follow-ups

Do the emails you send out get opened?

How do you know whether the emails you have sent out got to their destination and were looked at rather than ending up in spam?

Tracking emails allows you to see activity

For Platinum Plan users that send emails the system will include tracking information that will indicate if the email had any "activity" - ie. was opened or any links in the email were clicked. This default tracking can be turned off on the Setup>Main >> Account>Info tab.

Which emails are tracked?

Emails can be sent in response to requests on the Requests page for Platinum plan users and from the Reservations page for Platinum Plan users. Reservations show the email history in the "Reservations >> History" Tab and for Quotes in the "Requests >> Requests" and "Requests >> Done" tabs.

What exactly is tracked?

Every link in your email is tracked. If a link is clicked then the system will record it.

If an email is simply opened and the email client is displaying images then the system will know that the email was opened if the Tracking token is in the email - if no images are being displayed then the system will not know. The Tracking token is already in the Predefined Stationery so if you use that you don't need to do anything. If you have custom or no stationery then you can add this into your template directly from the Setup->Template page.

If the system shows activity then you can be sure that the email was opened. If the system shows no activity then for sure no links were clicked and the email may or may not have actually been opened.

Note that the system will not record open and click activity from the same IP address as the sender - so if you send an email and happen to get a copy of it then your activity will not be recorded. If you want to test it out then open the email from a different location. You'll soon see whether it's working just by sending emails out as normal.

How do I see which emails have had activity?

Icons are used to indicate activity at a particular email address. When you see:

  • - this means that the specific email message listed in the history (or quote from a Request in the Done list) has been opened and may show further activity
  • - this it means a other email messages to the same email address have shown activity, but not the one that this icon is attached to

When you place your mouse cursor over the icon you will see a list of the activities from newest to oldest - showing you views and links that were clicked. The list will show ALL recent activity from any emails that were sent to that email address.

Activity for each email will start by showing a bold date with the email's subject line to the right. If the activity being reported is related to the email where your mouse cursor is hovering then it will add that in parenthesis. After this first line you'll see a lists of dates and times showing when:

  • the email was viewed (opened to look at) - "Viewed" is appended to the date
  • and which links were clicked on - "Clicked" is appended to the date and the URL is shown below

The following are screenshots from the Quote page and relate to the same email address. Here, a previous request had been responded to with a "Quote" and then a new request came in from the same email address.

New Request
From the Request page's Requests List, showing that a previous email message (a Quote) was opened and a link clicked (you'll never see here as these are new requests):

Previous Request
From the Request page's Done Requests List, showing that the quote response to this particular request was opened and a link clicked:

From the Request page, showing that the email has been opened and a link clicked
this is similar to the Reservations page's History tab):

So how does this help me?

For Quotes you can see at a glance if your emails are getting through - look for the in the "Done" tab.

If one assumes that emails are not being read due to over-active spam filters then when combined with the Reminders, you can arrange to send out simpler follow-up emails to those that have shown no email activity and hope that the simpler email will be read. The simpler email would contain a link to the original email.

The reminders allow you to choose email trigger events to more specifically choose whether to send a follow-up email. Please see the Reminders information here for how the reminders work.