Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Guest Zone

After creating a reservation each guest has access to the online Guest Zone™ for managing their reservation(s) 24/7.

It looks the same as the Mini-site except that it has additional secure pages specific to a guest and their reservation(s)

From the Guest Zone™

  • a guest sees all quotes that have been sent to them by a particular owner using Quoted Online Booking. They do not see multiple owner quotes at the same time and do not need to create a secure account to see them - the link to the site in their quotation contains data that is specific to them
  • a guest sees all existing reservations at a particular owner. This requires that they create a secure account first and log in
  • a reservation page shows a summary and the details along with the payment schedule, payment options and payment made
  • if using an integrated Credit Card merchant account then buttons appear for them to make a payment and/or authorization (eg. for security deposit) right there.