Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Getting Started

This page helps direct the new user in getting up and running with the MyVRZone tools. People have different ways of learning and different experiences so please take the approach that best matches you.

If you are not ready to start just yet then here's an overview of the tools and the pricing.

Creating an account

Click here to register for a new account and then follow the instructions for confirming and activating it. Once done you can log in and begin to set up your property information.

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System Status Notifications

To get speedy notifications of any system-related issues (eg. known/new issues, scheduled and unexpected down-times), please subscribe to the notifications group here.

VR Hub / VRSync - Availability Synchronization

If you are just seeking availability synchronization (VRSync) then:

  1. Log in to the VR Hub page here to set that up
  2. Go to this page for setup and usage instructions
  3. If you do not need to upgrade to the Platinum plan then you can ignore the rest of this page provided you read the pages/help in 2 above.

Silver plan

This free plan provides basic reservation management so that you can use the online availability calendar on your own website and view a few simple reports.

If you also need to synchronize the availability with other sites and not upgrade to the Platinum plan then you can just use the VR Hub site to manage everything - see the section above for VRSync and ignore the rest of this page.

Before upgrading to the Platinum plan

At a minimum you need to set up contact information and property information before you can do anything - do this before you choose to upgrade to the Platinum Plan.

  • Go to the Setup page and complete the Account and Property Tab setup (just the top tab if you have more than one).
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Upgrading to the Platinum Plan

Please complete the setup indicated in the section above before upgrading and verify that your property appears on the Parter Listing Sites correctly.

If you intend to try out or use the additional benefits found in the Platinum plan then you'll need to upgrade your account. If you have not upgraded previously then as soon as you upgrade your free trial will begin.

To upgrade, go to the Setup>Main >> Services tab  and click on the appropriate plan's blue button and follow the instructions and confirmations at the bottom of the page. It will take a few minutes for your account to be upgraded.

For Platinum Plan upgrades, your account will be pre-populated with some dates and rates along with some default reminders to help you get started in understanding what the system can do for you - see the Quoted Online Booking section below.

General setup guidance

Most of the fields you'll see have help info is you place your mouse cursor over the "?" symbol. Many pages have help written right there and if all else fails you can come back to this knowledgebase and search for a solution.

If you get stuck on something, try looking at this Reference Guide that will tell you about the screens and tabs contents.

For Platinum Plan users

Enter existing reservations on the Reservations page with as much information as you want. After the first reservation, choose "Add New" from the drop-down list to add another. The minimum required information is requested first, you can add more once saved. You can send emails to your guests based upon the Predefined templates using the drop-down box above the tabs there provided you have entered an email address for your guest.

NOTE: To import existing reservations from other sources, please set up VRSync first.

For Platinum Plan users

You can now play with the Quoting system and the Reminders.

Quoted Online Booking (QOB) & Unattended Online Booking (UOB)

You'll need to get quoting set up for use in either QOB or UOB. The system is fairly comprehensive and flexible so be sure to read the guidance first so that you can head off in the right direction for the way that you want this to work.

For those planning to use Unattended Online Booking (UOB)

Even if you only plan to use UOB on your website, the setup and testing should be done within your account as if you were doing QOB. Once you have the system set up for that you can then check that you get what you expect. Please follow all of the setup and guidance for QOB.

For Quoted Online Booking (QOB)

Click here to learn what Quoted Online Booking is.

The system pre-defines some quote settings for you so that you can see it in operation and then modify/add to them to match your own needs.

Go to the Requests page and enter some dates on the left and then click the "Update" button. You should see some quotes generated in the "Quotes" tab on the right if you have availability - see this video example.

For more specific setup for quoting please see these setup instructions.

For setting your dates, rates, taxes etc please see this for more information.

Useful references

Here are some pointers to help you get an idea as to the scope and capabilities of this product.

Please read the items at the following links:

  • Features - Email Tracking and Quoted Online Booking are for Platinum Plans
  • Reference Guide - Tells you about the screens and how to get the most out of the system
  • Setup - What each setup page is about - more for reference when completing the setup
  • FAQ - for other things that you may think of or want to do