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Guest Book / Feedback / Reviews

All paid or free subscribers can use this.

The Guestbook provides you with a means to display your guest comments in a nicely formatted way. You can embed them on your own website, provide a link to them in their own page or use them as part of the Mini-site. Every new and approved feedback will appear automatically.

The system provides the guest a secure means to enter their feedback comments and rate the reservation. These comments and ratings cannot be changed by the owner but the owner can choose not to publish the feedback or can add their own response to anything they feel needs addressing. If an owner refuses to publish more than 5% of the feedback then a note is made to that effect in the rating display. This is to prevent an owner ignoring lots of poor feedback and provide some level of assurance to the viewers.

Feedback can be associated with a reservation in the system or not (for transferring existing feedback into the system).

Feedback that has been submitted securely by the guest is marked with a lock symbol in the Guest Book so that readers know it has been submitted by the guest and not the owner. The goal is to have all feedback submitted by the guest. Whenever an owner enters feedback the guest is emailed a copy so that they can review it and edit/re-submit it securely.

Example - Feedback Form
Example - Guest Book

Getting pre-existing feedback into the system

For feedback that you already have you can enter it quickly at the Online/Web >> Guest Book/Feedback page. Open the section at the top of the page for entering feedback quickly. You can enter as much info as you can about the stay. If you enter the email address then the guest will be sent a copy of the feedback so that they can have an opportunity to review it and re-submit it securely.

One entry box is displayed initially but as you enter the feedback another blank one will appear, ready for the next. Enter as many as you have in one go but do click Save often enough to ensure you don't lose anything should you experience an internet/power issue at your computer.

How Guests enter their feedback

Guests enter their feedback securely online at the Guest Zone or on your web page if you have embedded the feedback form there (see link at bottom of page for integration information). If they do not have an account there then they would create one in a few minutes and then proceed to the Feedback page.

    The Guest can get to the Guest Zone either:
  • by clicking the link in the email copied to them if you entered their feedback directly into the system for them along with their email address
  • by clicking the Manage Your Reservation Online link in email correspondence that uses stationery (Platinum plan subscribers)
  • via a link that you can provide to them directly (all subscribers)

MyVRZone Rating

The feedback form uses 5 standard questions in order to rate each completed reservation. The responses are rated from A to E, with C corresponding to a normal or average response, A being the best and E the worst. The results from the rating are displayed in the Guest Book for each entry and then averaged to form an over all total at the top.

Please click here for further details of the rating system.

Viewing the Guest Book

The Guest Book can be viewed in a number of ways:

  • on the Mini-site
  • in it's own web page if you just provide a link to it
  • embedded in your own website via an IFRAME (see integration below)

Integration onto your website

See the Integration How-To for the URL information needed to link or embed the Guest Book and the Feedback form