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Converting from using the HomeAway site calendars

If you have a paid listing at one of the HomeAway listing sites then you can embed their calendar on your own website. If you want a customizable calendar then you'll need an alternative to that - but you'll need to make sure it will synchronize with your HomeAway sites (usually via the iCal feed that they provide).

If you do not have a paid listing with a HomeAway site or are looking for a customizable alternative then this is a guide for you.

Using VRSync, MyVRZone can keep availability in sync at multiple sites (including the HomeAway sites). In particular, if you want to keep your ranking high then the latest update time of your avalability affects that and VRSync will ensure that is done even if there are no changes.

Even if you get bookings from other places VRSync will keep things in sync automatically.


Converting from HomeAway

This is a guide to converting over from using HomeAway availability calendars to the free availability calendar from MyVRZone. You'll get more than is already supported as in addition to providing availability, you get:

  • Synchronization to other calendars (including back to HA sites directly) - read more here
  • A fully configurable calendar showing how many months you want, in predefined themed colors or your own - see examples here
  • Multi-property views on one calendar
  • Embeddability on pages of your own website (if you'd like to do that)
  • Online booking for your own website in combination with the Platinum plan

Account creation and set up:

  1. Register and activate your MyVRZone account - Click here

Getting existing reservations into your account

Using the instructions here, do the following on the VR Hub site:

  1. Add your properties (if not already present)
  2. Set up your HomeAway account(s) to IMPORT only on the Synchronization page (uncheck Export if checked)
    This will place the existing reservations at the HomeAway site into your MyVRZone account when you synchronize
  3. Run your first synchronization from the Properties page for a specific property
    Check the email notification that you get for success...
    If OK then the next sync will occur in 24 hours by default.
    If not OK then the email will indicate the reasons why - see the troubleshooting table here for help
  4. Verify that the reservations shown on the Reservations page match those in your HomeAway account

Synchronizing to other places/sites

Now that you have verified that your reservations from the HomeAway site are shown in the VR Hub you can choose to use that to Export availability to other places (other listing sites, your on website or personal calendars via iCal). You can also Import from other sites that provide iCal feeds.

See the same instructions as above on how to set that up on the Synchronization page and this time check the Export check-box as well.

In particular, if you want to synchronize both ways with the HomeAway site then check the Export check-box as well as the Import check-box to do that. Once done, new reservations at the HomeAway site will be put into your MyVRZone account and any new reservations put in your MyVRZone account will be added to the HomeAway account.

Replacing online availability calendar links

There's a configuration page that will allow you to create the type of calendar that is best for you, and it will provide the link for you to copy. This makes it easy to get started and is recommended for the first link you use.

If you find that you want more control, then there are additional options that you can add manually as shown on this page.

Providing a link to the Calendar

If you currently have a link that opens a new web page then you can replace that with an equivalent one to the MyVRZone calendar. There are a few options for getting the link:

  1. Predefined (VR Hub) - click the property on the Property page, open the section at the top and copy it
  2. Predefined (Main) - copy it from the Useful URLs section of the Advertisers+Synchronization configuration tab
  3. Configure - copy it from the calendar configuration page and use the "Link HTML" above the calendar
  4. Manual - for more configuration control, you can follow these instructions for creating a link manually, where you can see all of the configuration options available earlier on the same page.

Embedding the calendar

If you currently use an IFRAME or SCRIPT tag to embed a calendar on your website, then there are 2 options for you:

  1. Replace the IFRAME src attribute with the URL mentioned in the "Providing a link" section above.
  2. Use an embedded calendar where you don't need to mess around with the IFRAME size and parameters to get it to look right. In this option,  the SCRIPT tag will replace the existing IFRAME tag.

Creating a new iCAL link

Replace any existing iCAL links that you may be using with a new one from MyVRZone - copy/create a new link following these instructions.

Adding a Guest Book

To add your own guest book, follow these instructions.

For more information on how the feedback and guest book system works, please see details here.