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Show property availability in google calendar (gcal)

Google calendar provides the ability to link to iCal format calendars via a URL so an iCal URL is all that is required.

You can choose the appropriate URL from this page and then follow the instructions below to get your availability to show up in a separate google calendar.

What to do:

  1. Open your google calendar in your web browser
  2. Below your list of (other) calendars, click the "Add" link and then select "Add By URL"
  3. Enter the URL to the MyVRZone calendar per instructions on this page
  4. Check or uncheck the "Make the calendar publicly accessible?" checkbox as appropriate
  5. Click "Add Calendar"


If your calendar does not show up then check that the URL was typed in correctly. You can also just paste the URL into your browser's address bar and check that you see something rather than a page error (it will look wierd but it's meant to).

Google have some help here: