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Show property availability in my outlook calendar

Outlook 2007 calendar provides the ability to link to iCal format calendars via a URL so an iCal URL is all that is required.

You can choose the appropriate URL from this page and then follow the instructions below to get your availability to show up in a separate google calendar.

What to do:

Here's a link to the Microsoft website for the latest info:

For Outlook 2007:

  1. Open outlook
  2. Click File->Data File Management...
  3. Click on the "Internet Calendars" tab
  4. Click "New..."
  5. Enter the URL to the MyVRZone calendar per instructions on this page (use the http:// at the front and not webcal:///)
  6. Click the "Add" button
  7. Enter a Folder Name and optional Description for your calendar.
  8. Uncheck the "Update Limit" checkbox
  9. Click the "OK" button
  10. Click the "Close" button

Your calendar will usually show up after the next send/receive.

Coloring multiple properties and Reservation Status differently

Outlook allows you to color categories and MyVRZone supplies each reservation entry with a category for Status and one for the Property Name.

You can set up Master Categories from the "Edit>Categorize...>All Categories..." menu link.

For status you should define colors for the following category names:

  • Confirmed
  • Pending
  • Tentative

For multiple properties you will need to define a category with the same name as each property - open one of the caeldnar events up and you will see the category names.


If your calendar does not show up then check that the URL was typed in correctly - you may find that the Internet Calendar you just set up gets removed if the URL was invalid.

You can also just paste the URL into your browser's address bar and check that you see something rather than a page error (it will look wierd but it's meant to).