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Add a fixed fee to each quotation - a mandatory option?

You may have an item that you want to add to each quotation and not allow the guest to un-choose it. A Booking Fee or an explicit Cleaning Fee would fall into this category.

This can be added using an "Option" - noting that the ability to let the guest change the selection of a particular option is set up in the option definition itself.

Setting up a mandatory "option"

Here's how to set the system up to do what you need for a Booking Fee at the Setup>Main >> Quote tab:
1/ Create the option, say, "Booking Fee"
2/ Add the option to the Option List for your property:
- Only check the "Include" checkbox for this option (not the Publish Always or Publish if Quoted checkbox's)

At this point, the guest will never know that the Booking Fee option exists unless you explicitly include it in your quote to them in the first place.

To make the option be included in the quote automatically, include it in each of your Option Include sheets that you use in the "Option Include" tab.

Finally, ensure that your Option Include sheets are assigned to all the date ranges that you have set up on the Dates tab.

Now, when the system creates a quote, it will always include the Booking Fee option. You can still manually override the option before sending a quote if you want to (in which case the guest will never know about the booking fee).