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Answering inquiries on Mobile Devices

For Platinum Plan subscribers only

List of Requests A Request with Quotes Quote showing Options Editing a Quote

...the actual application screens may vary from these images as development progresses.

I have a NEW site for responding to inquiries on your "mobile" smart phone or tablet device.

There's no additional documentation on it's usage other than the following - please read carefully before using it.

If you'd like to try it from your iPhone/iPad/Android device then click here:
... you can also click it if you are using the Chrome or Safari browser to use it on your PC.


Add a short-cut to your home page when viewing the website. This will create an icon on your device's homescreen and for iPhone/iPad will remove the (unused) navigation strip at the bottom and give you more viewing space.

If you are having problems - Clear the browser cache

Browsers a little unpredictable in that they can have many extensions/plug-ins that can affect behaviour, as well as having locally stored information that may be out of date. If you experience issues then please clear your browser's cache and try again before contacting support:

Apple iPhone/iPad:

  1. Go to Settings > Safari > Cookies and data
  2. Agree to clear that data
  3. Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data
  4. Agree to clear any data there for


  1. From within the Browser, open the menu and click Settings > Privacy and security > Clear cache
  2. Click OK to delete the locally cached data


The first release of the management software, designed to work on a mobile device, has been completed. Compared to the earlier Beta, this is much more in line with mainstream user interfaces.

The goal of this first version was to make it easy to respond quickly to the simpler requests when you are out and about.

The system is still web-based (to work on many mobile devices) but is quite fast in comparison to the current system and should take even less time for managing regular inquiries. The first time you load the site will be the longest time.

I have tested it on the iPhone 4, Android Galaxy s2 and Galaxy Tab - it is also usable on your PC (using Chrome or Safari browsers only) if you want to use it there too.

If you have one of the older phones (iPhone 3G/3GS) the response time to clicks seems long so be patient with it until you get used to it. I have not tested it on other devices so let me know how you get on with your 'maverick' device.

Please note the following before you attempt to use it

  1. Create yourself dummy requests to play with first - you can do that from the first page by clicking the icon with a "+" on it.
  2. Don't use the browser's back button for now - just use the application's navigation
  3. Only the base currency is displayed to you in the quotes right now but you can see/set the currency in the request. If you quote more than one then it will still work as expected (look at the preview to verify). I will add the currency display later.
  4. There is no documentation/help on how to use it - you will have to see how intuitive (or not) it is. Here are some notes:
    • Navigate forwards by clicking on an item in a list - see the right-arrows to the right
    • Navigate backwards using the top-left icon
    • Use the top-right Edit button to see/change the details of a request, quote or option
    • Add response notes by clicking the "Response" button at the bottom of the Request page
    • The pages go: Home -> Pending Requests -> Request -> Quote -> Option
    • When viewing a quote, click the "Details" button at the bottom to see the quote details
    • If you edit and save a request then ALL quotes will recalculate, even if no dates were changed - fix up the request details first then go to the quotes/options to make changes
    • You will get a confirmation message before sending an email or deleting/marking a request so you can experiment with the buttons you see without committing to an action you did not want
    • Use the check-boxes on the left side of a list to select/de-select the list items
    • Arrows on the right mean click for more - that will open in a different page
    • The calendar button at the bottom will bring up a calendar - depending on your screen size, you may not be able to use the month drop-down selection - use the forwards/backwards buttons instead.
  5. You cannot edit an email using a WYSIWYG editor before sending (a restriction of the mobile device) - but you can click on the preview to see what it will look like. Instead, use the Response notes fields to add something special (click the Response button on the Request page). In the default quote template the "lower" text will appear under the quotes block and the "upper" text just above the quotes block. If you have modified your quote template then the text will appear wherever you have put the tokens.
  6. I have not implemented the direct reply to a request (blank email)
  7. There is no "Done" requests view. Only your pending requests are visible. Once completed then they disappear from the list - you'll have to view them from the regular quotes system for now

Things I know are missing or I plan to do (in approximate order of importance):

  1. Add different currency display
  2. Add option counts in addition to just a checkbox
  3. Incorporate the browser's back button into the navigation
  4. Add some help/guidance
  5. Implement blank reply email
  6. Provide a view of Done requests
  7. Make better use of wider screens (Tablet/PC)

Last Beta Version - only use this if you have an issue with the version above