Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Setup>Main >> Account / Setup>Main >> Account>Info

Setup>Main >> Account Tab (Silver Plan)

Setup>Main >> Account>Info Tab (Platinum Plans)

Edit your contact details here.

The system defaults to using your Account loginID email address and name for account-related and reservations/inquiry correspondence. If you want to use a different email address or company name then enter them here.

Quotation Settings (Platinum Plans)

This section is shown to Platinum Plan subscribers and defines the global settings that apply to all properties. Use it to define:

  • how far to search for near availability
  • how many days fewer than those requested to still provide a quotation for
  • when/if quotes expire
  • whether to hide expired quotes
  • which quote template to use

Rounding amounts (Platinum Plans)

This section is shown to Platinum Plan subscribers and allows the amounts generated in a quotation to be rounded to the nearest whole number for the guest. Non-whole numbers are generated all the time for option amounts and rental amounts as well as for currency conversions.

All of the stored amounts can be rounded:

  • Rent Amount (before tax)
  • Option Amount (before tax)
  • Discount Amount (before tax)
  • Surcharge Amount (before tax)

In addition, the final Total Amount can also be rounded. If this is selected for rounding then all of the reservation totals will also be rounded.

When a quote is booked, the rounded amounts are stored in the reservation. You can then edit those amounts, if you wish, and no further rounding will take place (except on the total sum if that is configured).