Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Setup>Main >> Property>Images

Upload and manage images of your property here.

Click Browse and locate an image to upload or type in the location directly. Click the Upload button to upload it.

Click on the curly arrows to change the ordering and add a caption to each if you like. To add a caption, click the Add Caption button for the appropriate image, enter the caption text and then click the Save Caption button to save it.

Be sure to include at least one image of your property. Images are used in many parts of the system:

  • Listing Sites
    When showing a summary of your property along with others
  • Mini-site & Guest Zone
    Showing an overview of your property with all of the photos
  • Stationery
    In the header area as a reference and to make it look pretty
  • Quote Template
    For each property quoted in the body of the email and in the header