Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Setup>Main >> Property>Payments

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Choose your base/default currency for each property here. All rates assigned to the property will be assumed to be in this currency.

NOTE: Select the payment methods that you accept on the "Setup>Main >> Account>Currencies" tab - open the section for each currency that you accept and complete the details there.

There's a separate payment schedule for the main payment and for any refundable amounts (such as security deposits). Define the schedules here as well as amounts of security deposit per currency.

What happens with this information?

From the payment and refundable schedules the system can keep you up-to-date on what is required and by when

What does the guest see?

The regular and refundable amounts (with the name you have assigned to it, eg "Security Deposit") is displayed:

  • in Quoted Online Booking™ quote emails
  • in the predefined stationary letters that would be send to guests with reservations
  • in the Guest Zone™ Reservations page where existing reservations are displayed

Payment Schedule

The schedule allows you to specify an amount that's due as a Booking Deposit for holding the dates

Specify this with:

  • An initial payment amount that is fixed or one that is a % of the total amount due on the reservation (this defaults to 20%)
  • For the % amount you can choose whether any refundable amount is included in the total (this defaults to NOT include the refundable amount)
  • Set the number of days that the Booking Deposit must be paid in from making the reservation (this defaults to 7 days after)
  • Set the number of days before arrival that the final payment must be paid (this defaults to 60 days before arrival)

Refundable Amount Schedule

The schedule allows you to specify an amount that's due before arrival and refunded after departure and can be different for each currency that the reservation is in.

Specify this for each property with:

  • An name for the refundable amount that describes this to you and your guests (this defaults to "Security Deposit")
  • Set the number of days before arrival that the Refundable Amount is due (this defaults to 0 days before). Enter a negative number to use the same schedule as the Initial Payment (eg "-1")
  • Set the number of days after departure that the Refundable Amount must be returned (this defaults to 0 days after)
  • Check the boxes for how the payment can be taken - in cash and/or as an authorization (where no cash is taken, usually by Credit Card) (this defaults to cash payment and no Authorization)
  • If you take authorizations then set the number of days before it's due that you'll accept the authorization - authorizations usually have a time limit so you can ensure that payment is not too early (this defaults to 0 days before due date)
  • If you take authorizations then the system can generate a standard Authorization Form for your guests to complete and sign/fax to you. Standard terms are included but if you want to use your own you can enter them here and they will replace the standard ones (this defaults to nothing such that the default text is used)
  • Finally, for each of the currencies that you have set up on the Setup>Main >> Account>Currencies tab define the amount that is required.