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Using PayPal?

Platinum subscribers only

If you can accept payments via PayPal then you can set the system up to take the Guest to a PayPal payment page from the GuestZone. You can choose whether you take PayPal for rent payments, refundable amounts (eg Security Deposits) or both.

The Guest would:

  1. Log in to their MyVRZone GuestZone online account to view their reservation
  2. See the PayPal payments section with payment buttons
  3. Click on the appropriate payment button
  4. A new page would open on the PayPal website and the amount and description would all be pre-filled.
  5. The guest follows PayPal's instructions to make the payment

Once payment is completed the amount will be entered into their reservation automatically. Any refunds made would also be entered automatically. You receive a notification email when a transaction has been added to your system (in addition to anyting that PP may send to you).

How to set this up

  1. Enter the email address for your PayPal account at: Setup>Main >> Account>Info
  2. For each currency that you are using, check PayPal as a payment method at the Setup>Main >> Account>Currencies tab.
  3. For each property that you have:* Select the property from the Setup>Main >> Property tab's "Choose Property" selection box
    * Click on the "Payments" tab on the left
    * If you accept PayPal for payments against the rent then check the "Allow payments via Paypal?" box
    * If you accept PayPal payments for refundable amounts then check the "Allow refundable payments via Paypal?" box

Note that if a reservation uses a currency where you are not accepting PayPal then PayPal will not be offered even if the checkbox is set in the property.

How to test it

  1. Choose, or create, a reservation that has an amount owed and where you accept PayPal payments for it.
  2. Click on the "View Guest Zone" link to the right (be sure that the guest for that reservation has an email address)
  3. Verify that you see a PayPal section in the Make a Payment section
  4. Click on the payment button (this will not make a payment)
  5. Check that the page you end up on at has the right amount and that the notes make sense.


  • MyVRZone is notified directly by PP when a transaction has occurred so that it can be recorded in the system correctly - this is not an email based notification. You may see an email from PP that the payment has been made before MyVRZone is notified and the transaction put into your account. The delay could be large (up to 30 mins) and is totally dependent upon PP - MyVRZone processes the notification and puts it in to your account as soon as it gets it.


If you don't see a PayPal payment section or button in the Guest Zone then please check the following:

  • Is your PayPal email address a valid email address?
  • Have you set PayPal as a payment method for the reservation's currency?
  • Does the reservation have outstanding amounts that are due?
  • Is the type of payment that is due checked for this property (refundable, non-refundable amounts)?
  • If this is all OK then drop us an email with information about the reservation that you have having problems with and we'll take a look at it.

You've seen a payment notification email from PP but it's not appeared in the account yet:

  • If it's been less than 30 mins then wait a little longer as the PP servers may be backed up.
  • If it's been over 30 mins then contact us - include the email you received