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Change the default email Quote template?

Platinum Subscribers only

If you want to change the Predefined email quotation template to something that is customised for your own property then you can do that by creating a new Template and then telling the system to use that new Template by default.

This is how you do it:

Create a new Template

Click here for instructions

Assign the new template as the default one to use

Follow these steps:

  1. Go the the Setup>Main >> Account>Info tab by clicking here
  2. Find the very last item in the Quotation Settings section: Quote Template
  3. Select the template that you created from the dropdown list
  4. Click Save

You can verify that your template is now being used by going to the Template setup page (click here) and your template should be listed in the Template Select dropdown with "[Used in Quotes]" after it. You will also see a difference in your quotations if you preview it.