Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Quoted Online Booking (QOB)™

Quoted Online Booking (QOB)™ gives the potential guest the ability to Book Online from a secure link in their quote email and at the same time gives the owner full control over the dates and rates that can be booked by restricting what the potential guest can book to the quotes that have been sent.

  • Potential guests get 24/7 instant access to review and book your property.
  • They do not need to wait for you to respond in order to reserve their dates and complete the booking.
  • The Booking Form gets prefilled with all available guest information so they have less to enter. The Dates and Rates cannot be changed (though the currency will be selectable if you accept more than one).
  • If enabled for an Option, the guest can select/de-select it at the time of booking (Spa Heating for example). The rate is set at the time of the quote and cannot be changed there - totals are updated automatically.
  • If integrated Credit Card processing is active then the first payment can be made right after the Booking Form has been completed.

Read this short presentation to see how Quoted Online Booking works

How to Quote and Reserve

Always start at the "Requests" page (

  1. Send a quote email to the inquirer from the "Quotes/Inquiries" page ( The email address is the unique identifier for this requester - the system will look for other emails and quotes from the same email and show them to you in the History area. If you change the email address then re-send the email from this page - do not forward from your email account - see the What NOT to do section below for how to deal with this.
  2. Let the inquirer click on the "Book Now" link in the email - they will see the dates and rates you quoted
  3. Let the inquirer click the "Book Now" button and complete the Booking Form online
  4. After submission, you and the inquirer will get an email
  5. You will see a new Pending reservation in the system on the "Reservations" page (
  6. The inquirer can "view their reservation online" from the link shown after the booking form has been submitted and in the email. You can see the same view by clicking the "Guest Zone" link to the right of screen when viewing their reservationfro the Reservations page.
  7. You wait for payment and then change the reservation status to Confirmed when ready.

What NOT to do

  • Don't start at the Reservations page for a new inquirer - only use that after the booking form has been completed by the inquirer. Always start at the Quotes/Inquiries page.
  • Don't delete Requests on the Quotes/Inquiries page unless they are not requests or duplicates. Quote them or mark them as Already Booked/Unsuitable etc using the buttons. This way you can keep a history of where your inquiries have come from and how many booked so that you can review this using the Inquiries Report when you are choosing which advertisers to keep in future.
  • Do not forward quotes that were copied to you in your email account if you need to change the inquirers email address. The body of the email and the links will still have the old email address in it. Instead:
    • Go to the "Done" tab at
    • Click on the original request
    • Change the email address in the Request
    • Click "Update"
    • Check the quotes in the Quotes tab
    • Send the Quote