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Refund part or all of a reservation

When you have taken and recorded a payment in a reservation you may want to make a partial or full refund of that amount.

There are a couple of ways to do this:

Recording a refund for something like compensation for an issue that occurred

  • Add a specific refund amount in the Reservation page's Quote tab by opeing the Rent/Refunds/Extras section at the bottom-left of the Reservations >> Quote tab

This method keeps the original amount owed the same and records an explicit refund amount that is shown as a separate item in the default stationery templates. It will be clear to everyone why there is a refund amount.

At the end end of the reservation:

  1. Send a Return letter that shows the amount of refund due. The system will show this by default in the predefined stationery and templates.
  2. Make your refund payment and record it in the system as an outgoing payment
  3. You could include a copy of the return letter showing the refund amount due with a check
  4. The system will now show no balance due

When making an adjustment to a reservation - usually before arrival

  • Reduce the amount due in the Reservation's Quote tab

This method just reduces the original amount that was due either in the accommodation rate or by unchecking an option. Use this method if you have a cancelation or just need to alter the original reservation in some manner. Perhaps pool heat was originally chosen and paid for but it's not needed any more. Maybe you've moved your guest to a different property that has a lower rate?

Make the appropriate adjustment (and put a note in the notes section):

  1. You could send a refund at this time or wait until the end of the reservation to do that
  2. Once the refund has been made, record it in the system as an outging payment
  3. The system will update balance due

Recording the refund payment

Original payment made via PayPal or integrated credit card payment - the Refund button is displayed

  1. Find the original transaction in the reservation and click on the "Refund" button to the left.
  2. Enter the total amount that you want to refund
  3. If any of the original amount was refundable, you'll be asked how much of the total amount is for the refundable portion.
  4. The tranasaction will then take place at the CCard company or PayPal
  5. On success, check that the amounts now look correct

Original payment made via other means - the Refund button is not displayed

  1. Go to the reservation and enter the total and refundable portion for the refund
  2. Change the "Type" to "To/Credit"
  3. Enter the refund Method and any references/notes that you want.
  4. Click Save and verify that the amounts now make sense.