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Report property/advertiser performance?

There are many reports available to you for getting information ablut all aspects of your reservations and advertiser performance. There is a set of Filters that allow you to define what the report should include.

Date filters allow you to set the date period to anything you want - there are useful predefined dates such Last Calendar Month and Last Calendar Year as well as future dates. You choose whether the date range should include reservations that have arrival or departure dates within that period.

You also get to choose whether you include canceled reservations or not, or only reservations with a particular status.

All reports can be found on the "Reports" menu at the top of the screen.

Tax Report (Reports>Accounting - Tax Report)

The tax report helps you review and file your monthly or annual taxes, showing you the total amounts paid to you along with the amounts allocated towards each tax that you have defined for a period that you want to look at.

People report taxes in different ways, some report all amounts on the Arrival date, others on teh departure date and yet others spread the inxome over each day of the reservation. Whichever way you do it, you can get the report for it...

There's a special "Date Filter" option for this report, called "Overlapping (pro-rate)" that will pro-rate the amounts for any reservations that are not fully inside the specified date periods (the overlap the date range). Use this if you spread the amounts equalyy over each day of the reservation.

If you do NOT use this Date Filter value then if a reservation is included (due to its arrival or departure date being inside the date range) then the whole amounts will be used even if part of that reservation is outside of the date range. Set the Date Filter to "Arrival Date" if you report all amounts on arrival day or to "Departure Date" if you report it at the end of the reservation.