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Setup>Main >> Account>Currencies

Setup>Main >> Account>Currencies Tab (Platinum Plans).

Each reservation can be assigned a different currency. Reports will convert to the base currency when summing values and display both when individually shown.

When using Online Quoted Booking™ other currencies can be quoted either alone or at the same time as the base currency on the Requests page. If you check the "Always Include in Quote" checkbox for a currency then it will be included in every quote, otherwise it will be included when that currency is selected in the request itself. If more than one currency is quoted then the traveler would choose the one they want when completing the Booking Form online. All rates are calculated from the base currency using the exchange rate provided here.

Choose the currencies that you offer rates in here along with your own exchange rate compared to the base currency. If your base rate is USD and you take GBP then the exchange rate will be larger than 1 as there are more USD to the UKP. Use the rate to build in some exchange "fees" by skewing the rate to charge a little more for foreign currencies.

When embedding the rates table on your website, these other currency rates will be displayed at the same time.

Payment Type / Method

For each currency, set each payment type / method that you accept, along with any associated fees.

For Credit Card and PayPal payment types / methods, the settings here are global and are overidden by other settings at the property and reservation level. In particular:

  • Each property can be configured to accept PayPal or not, and then whether to only take cash payments (ie not PayPal and not Credit Card) for the balance payment.
  • There are built-in options for all-cash or cash-for-balance that can change what is accepted for each reservation.