Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Setup>Main >> Custom Info

Everyone has something different about the way they do business and MyVRZone allows you to include this custom things so that you don't need to keep track of it separately.

Perhaps you have door entry and alarm codes that vary from reservation to reservation or perhaps on a schedule. Maybe you want to track whether or not the trip is for a special occasion (such as a wedding or anniversary). Other things may be vehicle descriptions, whether they are bringing pets and how many etc.

Not only does MyVRZone allow you to keep track of these things in one place, for Platinum subscribers you can arrange your Stationery and Templates to include text that is related to that information - so you can automatically include it in your Arrival information letter, for instance.

You can enter an Alarm code and your WiFi secure access key into the Arrival Letter template automatically so you never forget or get it wrong. You could also create a Parking Permit that inserts the vehicle description and dates automatically - and you can request the vehicle description from the Guest directly in the Booking form.


Custom Info allows you to keep track of, or assign information to, a reservation - either manually or automatically from a schedule.

Each info can be one of these types:

  • Free Text Line - anything you want up to 255 characters, displayed as a line
  • Free Text Area - anything you want up to 255 characters, displayed as a box
  • Yes/No - this is a checkbox, it is either set or not
  • Url - this is a url and will be displayed as such in letters
  • Last 4 digits of first reservation telephone # - automatically inserts the last 4 digits of the first phone number for the guest in the reservation
  • Last 6 digits of first reservation telephone # - automatically inserts the last 6 digits of the first phone number for the guest in the reservation

Each item can also have the following checked:

  • Hidden from guests - when used for internal tracking only
  • Filled from a schedule - the value will automatically be set according to values to set for your property - either a fixed value or one that changes at certain points in time. The right value will be chosen depending on the Arrival DAte of the reservation. This is ideal for lock codes that get changed every month or so.
  • Ask Guest for this - if checked then this info will be requested on the Booking Form - just above the Guest List. Make sure you choose a sensible Name and add a Description as these will be displayed to the Guest
  • Displayed on a different reservation tab - sets the location for displaying this field when viewing the reservation - for convenience/in context of other information

If you have more than one property you will also be given an option to Exclude properties

  • Exclude which properties - a multi-select box, select properties that should ignore this custom info

Filling info from a schedule

When filling from a schedule, go to the Setup>Main >> Property>Custom Info tab for each property to specify the data and optional schedule.

Asking for Custom Info on the Booking Form

If you check the Ask Guest for this? checkbox then an input box will be added to the Booking Form to ask the Guest to supply the information. The Name of the Custom Info will be the field label and the Description will provide the mouse-over help - so make sure that this reads OK.

The type of Custom Info will determine whether the Guest sees a checkbox, input line or input box.

Excluding properties

If you have custom info that you ask the Guest for on the booking form, but it does not apply to all of your properties then you can tell the system which properties to exclude. The default is to include all properties (none selected) but you can choose one or more to exclude using the CTRL key while you click in the list.

An example of this may be if you have a themed room in one property that can be set up either for boys or girls. Set up a Yes/No Custom Info called "Set up themed room for boys (not girls)" and set it to ask the guest. The guest will then see a checkbox on the Booking Form - unchecked means girls, checked means boys.