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Online/Web>Minisite - Upload Files

Platinum subscribers only

NOTE: If you wish to provide things like Alarm codes and door entry codes to your guests then please use the Custom Info fields instead.

Files of information, such as Directions or Alarm operating instuctions, can be uploaded to your account and then links to them made available to your guests to see and download:

  • in the public Mini-Site (for everyone to see)
  • in the private Guest Zone (for guests with reservations to see)
  • as a link in your emails via a token in a template (for whoever you want to send a link to)

There's a special token called "{{filelinks}}" that displays a table of the files for the guest to see, typically used in the Arrival Letter. All of the display conditions must be met for each file link to be displayed.

Dynamic files

Plain text files with file extensions ".txt", ".htm" or ".html" can use conditional text and tokens to change parts of what is seen for each reservation. If the conditionalization results in no text being displayed then the file link is not displayed at all in the "filelist". Use this to make the link dependent on, say, one of your Custom Info fields being filled in or not.

For example: You need to create a Parking Permit that has the name of the guest, valid dates and a description of the vehicle - but only when they have a vehicle. The name and dates are already in the system from the reservation, so you can add a Custom Info field to capture the missing Vehicle description for each reservation. Then create the Parking Permit as HTML and use tokens for the name, dates and description. Put a condition around the whole permit text to check that the Vehicle description token is set - otherwise don't display anything. For each reservation that has the vehicle description filled in, they will see a link to ther own parking permit, otherwise no link will be shown.

What's wrong with sending the files as an email attachment?

Using a link instead of a file attachment is generally better because:

  • Large emails increase the liklihood that your whole email will be rejected somewhere in the chain
  • Some mailbox's have limits on the size of files that can be received and may reject the whole email
  • Some people use mobile devices to check their emails - downloading a large file is often not desirable

Sending a link to the same file takes only a few characters and if the recipient wants to see the file immediately then they can just click the link.

So, how do I do it?

First you need to upload your files. Do this from any page when logged in by clicking the "Online/Web>MiniSite - Upload Files" menu item. This will open a popup window where you can select a file, upload it.

Upload each different file that you have - there is a maximum total file size limit and you will be warned if that is exceeded. If you do run into size problems then consider compressing/zipping the file first.

What to display to guests?

Rather than just displaying the name of the file that was uploaded, which is the default, you should set the Display Name and Display Description:

  • Display Name - a name that is used to reference the file. Make this short but descriptive.
    This will be shown in the link text in the Mini-Site and Guest Zone menus. It will also show up in a special 'Further Information' section of the Guest Zone's Reservations page.
  • Display Description - a description of the file contents. 
    This will be displayed in the "'Further Information' section of the Guest Zone's Reservations page and in any mouse-over/tooltip help that may accompany the Display Name.

Choosing when should the file be displayed?

The columns at the right side of the table determine when the file should be displayed. Mouse over the help symbols for instructions on each display condition. The followng conditions are provided (all conditions must be met for the file to be displayed):

  1. Display the file at all - turn this on/off as the main control
  2. For a particular property only?
  3. If within a certain number of days before arrival
  4. If the reservation has a status greater than or equal to a particular status
  5. If a certain level of payments have been made - Booking Deposit, all Rent or all Rent + Refundable amounts
    NOTE: Only CLEARED payments will be counted - make sure you set the cleared date on manually entered payments

In the Mini-Site

Your Mini-Site is a public site so item 1 must be checked, the property set to 'Any' or the one being looked at  and items 3, 4 or 5 must NOT be set.

Files that can be displayed are listed under a menu called "Information".

In the Guest Zone

The Guest Zone is a private site for your guests - they must be logged in or get there from a special link that you have provided in order to see it. All files that can be displayed in the Mini-Site will be displayed here too.

The files show up on the menu, as for the Mini-Site, as well as in a special 'Further Information' section of the 'Reservations' page.

In Emails

Links to specific files can be inserted into email using a token in your Templates or Stationery. There is a unique token for each file and the token is shown in the table after clicking on 'Upload Files' in the Setup menu. Copy & Paste this token from the table into your template, or select it from the "Insert Token" bar to the right of the page.

To display a full list of all available files in an email, use the {{filelinks}} token - all conditions must be met, plus any conditionalized files (.txt, .htm, .html) must have a non-zero length for them to be displayed.

Testing your settings

To test your settings I recommend you do the following:

  1. Log in to the tools here - we'll call this browser window the 'res-page'
  2. Create a test reservation for yourself in the future - make sure you enter an email address or the Guest Zone will not be available for that reservation. You'll need to save a basic reservation first to book the dates and then add the guest info.
  3. Open your Mini-Site in a separate browser window by clicking on 'Online/Web>Mini-Site - View yours' on the navigation menu. We'll call this browser window the 'ms-page'
    * Note whether there is an 'Information' menu item and which files are displayed there when you mouse over the menu item.
  4. Click on the "Guest Zone" link to the right side of the reservation page - open this in a new browser window or tab. We'll call this browser window the 'gz-page'.
    * See that the 'Further Information' section (if present) displays the Display Description as well as the link.
  5. Switch to the res-page (don't close/change the gz-page) and click on 'Upload Files' on the Setup menu item. This will bring up a display for managing your files.
  6. Now experiment until you are happy that things are displaying when they should: 
    * Make changes to the conditions in the res-page or to the reservation itself (status, payments, arrival date)
    * Switch to the gz-page, reload/refresh the page and note what can be seen now
    * Switch to the ms-page, reload/refresh the page and note what can be seen now


If your file is not showing when you think it should, check the following:

  • For files that are dependent on payments, make sure that the payment has been cleared (add a date to the Cleared Date field for each reservation payment.
  • Verify that the reservation status matches the configuration
  • If you have more than one property, verify that the property being viewed is included for that file