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How do I customise Templates and Stationery?

Platinum Plan subscribers only

Templates and Stationery can be created and customized for specific uses. It is easiest to start with a Predefined version, copy it and then edit it until it does what is needed.

Creating a new one:

  1. When creating a new:
    Stationery: Go to the Setup>Stationery Page
    Template: Go to the Setup>Templates Page
  2. To begin with an existing Template/Stationery as a base text for the new one:
    - Select the Predefined Template/Stationery from the Select box
    - Click the blue "Duplicate This" button
    - A new item will be created and filled with the text from the predefined one
  3. To start from scratch, select New in the Template/Stationery Select box.
    - A blank Template/Stationery will be shown.
  4. Give this a Name that means something to you (eg. "Payment Reminder" or "Custom Stationery").
  5. Add/Edit the text. If there is Conditional Text (a "#" at the start of a line) then do NOT use a WYSIWYG editor, use a Plain Text editor instead - the line formatting must be retained for Conditional Text to work. See this HowTo for information about using Tokens and Conditional Text
  6. Save any changes that you make

To preview what is being created:

  • Save the Template/Stationery
  • If Stationery then edit/create a Template that uses this Stationery first - as per the instructions in this section. Create a simple test Template if needed and select the new Stationery from the Use Stationery select box. Use this template in the directions below.
  • In a new browser window, open the Reservations page - any reservation will do.
  • Select the template in the Email select box (just above the tabs).
  • Click the Preview/Edit button to the right - this will open a new Email browser window.
  • Review the template in the Email window and make any required changes back in the Template/Stationery window.
  • Reload/Refresh the Email window to view any changes that have been made.