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Language Translation has integrated automatic foreign language translation for guests that view your Mini-site or email communications.

Mini-site Translation

By default, no translation is enabled.

By checking the "Show Language Translation in Mini-site" check box on the Setup>Main >> Account tab you can enable this capability.

When enabled, all of the pages in the mini-site can be translated. In particular you'll see translations for the following:

What actually gets translated?

All Plans:

  • Guest Book
  • Feedback Form
  • Credit Card payment Form

Platinum Plans (includes Guest Zone):

  • Overview
  • Request Form
  • Booking Form - including Terms and Conditions
  • Reservation Summary

Platinum Plan:

  • Quotes list page (quotes you've sent to a guest) along with the Terms and Conditions

Mini-site Examples:

Email communications

For those using the Platinum plans, all emails sent via the system using the default stationery include a link at the top that will display the email online and allow translation right there. This ability to translate is always there for every email regardless of the account setting. See example here.

All emails received by the system can also be translated if you have received some foreign text. In the Quotes page, the view symbol on the left of each list entry can be clicked to show the request in a translatable page. Normally, this symbol is hovered on to show a quick view of the first part of the original email but when clicked will open it in a new window for translation.

When viewing the communications history in the Reservation or Quotes page, previous emails and requests can be viewed and translated in the same way as above - it works wherever you are looking at emails.

If you are finding that Google is translating your name, token or other text and you want to stop it then in the email template or Stationery you can wrap a "span" tag around it as follows:

<span class="notranslate">Things I don't want translated, including this {{token}}</span>

... this means that you will need to use your own "custom" copy of the template/stationery rather than the Predefined ones.

Embedded Forms

If you are using embedded forms then you can choose to enable or disable translation by appending "&tr=N" to the URL. If N=0 then there will be no translation, if N=1 there will be translations and if nothing is set then the default value from your account will be used. See the full URL settings here.

How does it work?

Google provides a service called "Google Translate" that provides dynamic web page translation. A drop-down box is provided at the top of the web page that will allow the user to choose an alternative language.

Once an alternative language is chosen the whole web page is translated. Any links clicked on that lead to translatable pages will also result in an automatic translation.


  • The translation is currently always from English.
  • The resultant translation may not be correct and some acronyms may not get translated at all. The system relies on "Google Translate" and the automated process is not perfect.
  • Pop-up alerts do not get translated.
  • Some embedded IFRAMEs may not get translated or if they do they will not remember the language if the page is changed.

Recommendations for use

  1. Put language in your Terms and Conditions that states that only the original English version is valid and that any translation is only there to help and is not guaranteed to represent the original exactly.
  2. When translation is enabled in any embedded forms (using an IFRAME) any normal mouse-over/ tooltip text is displayed on the page next to the label so that it can be translated. This results in a longer form length. Please review and adjust your form length if needed or turn off translation using the appropriate translation URL settings defined here.
  3. If you know a foreign language then review your mini-site in that language. Update your english text where the translator had difficulties to make it more friendly - that will help it be better in all languages.