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I clicked a button but a new page did not open

Pop-up Blocking

When: This would usually happen:

  • when trying to Preview/Edit an email from the Reservations or Todo page
  • when attempting to make a credit card purchase either for MyVRZone subscriptions or for a guest payment.

Why: MyVRZone uses popup windows in a few cases to create a new browser window, no advertising. Fix: Configure your browser to allow pop-ups for the myvrzone site (

How to fix it: Internet Explorer browser

  1. Click Pop-up Blocker Settings from the browser's Tools->Pop-up Blocker menu.
  2. Enter "" into the Address of website to allow box, then click the Add button
  3. Click the Close button to complete the fix

How to fix it: Firefox browser

  1. Click Options... from the browser's Tools menu.
  2. Click the Content symbol
  3. Click the Exceptions... button to the right of the Block Pop-up Windows checkbox - a new window will open
  4. Enter "" into the Address of website box, then click the Allow button
  5. Click the Close button to complete the fix

How to fix it: Safari browser

Safari only has a global on/off for the pop-up blocker

  1. Uncheck the Block Pop-up windows line from the browser's Edit menu

If the problem you are seeing will only happen occasionally then put this setting back to blocking pop-ups after you have done the task that was causing the problem.