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Upgrade my account?

To upgrade your account, just go to the Setup>Main >> Services tab and chose the Platinum plan.

Free Trial - for 60 days

If you have not already used the FREE Trial period then your upgrade will be completed without any payment required. If will then expire after 60 days and you'll get a few reminders as that gets close. If you do not wish to continue using that plan then you do not need to do anything, just let it expire.

Subscription, during free trial

If you are still using the free trial then you can extend the subscription by clicking on the blue button for the plan - it will be extended for 12 months after the free trial period expires, so you don't need to wait util the last day of the free trial to get the same total time.

Subscription, after free trial has expired

You can create a new subscription by clicking on the blue button for the plan you want - it will begin on the day you sign up and last for 12 months.

Subscription Payment

You'll be asked to pay any subscription amounts due by Credit Card in a new browser window that will open - if it does not open then please turn off the popup blocker temporarily and try again.