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Paying for a Referral that I booked

The VR Referral Network and partner sites operate on a commission fee basis - there are no fees for signing up and for receiving inquiries. Only when you have made a succesful booking from a referral do you need to pay the commission.

What do I do when I make a successful booking from a referral?

Either the Guest or the Owner would tell the system that the booking has been made and then the system will take care of tracking things.

Guest-assigned bookings

Guests are sent email reminders after requests have been made by (or for) them asking that they tell the system if they have made a booking with anyone on the list. They click on a link in the email and use the GuestZone area to assign requests. A Booked Referral email is sent to the owner with payment instructions.

Owner-assigned bookings

Most owners want to tell the system right away that they have made a booking. This can be done when logged in to your myvrzone account from the Referral Network>Submit/Register Referral >> Received tab. You'll see a list of any currently booked reservations (say, if a guest has already marked their request as booked or you had others) and then in the section at the bottom (open it if it's closed) you'll see a list of other requests that are not assigned yet. You can set any of these as booked - click on the checkboxes and set the actual number of days booked then click the button. An email notification will be sent out.

If you make a mistake in the assignments then you have 60 minutes to undo it - after that you'll need to ask the administrator to change it.

Once the booking has been assigned then the system will notify everyone involved via email and you will need to arrange the commission payment according to that.

So, in summary:

  1. Log in to your myvrzone account
  2. Find the referral in question in the "Received" tab of the Referrals page
  3. Check the checkbox of the referral and click "I booked these guests"
  4. Wait for the email that should result
  5. Follow the payment instructions in the email


Who do I pay the commission to?

There are 2 sources of referrals and the email request itself gives you instructions, payment depends on the source as follows:

  • When another owner makes a submission using the VR Referral Nework
    Pay the owner directly - their email contact information is in the referral email that was sent to you. Email them and figure out the best way to make payment
  • From a Partner Listing Site request (eg from
    Pay the site directly - check out the Owners Area, Contact or other pages for payment info (eg

How much commission do I pay?

Please see the latest rates on the site for fees - you should also be notified in the automated booking email.

How can I track my commissions?

Inside of the tools you can track commissions you owe and are owed to you on the Referral Network>Submit/View Commissions due page.

If your commissions are not showing up then the owner or guest has not told the system that they have made a booking. The Owner can do this directly from the Referral Network>Submit/Register Referral >> Received tab or you can ask the Guest to click the link in their reminder email (first sent 7 days after the request) in order to get the commission tracking started.