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Accepting Credit Cards

Credit Cards - always a topic of conversation with vacation rental owners:

Should I stay with PayPal or move to a traditional Merchant account?
Do I really need to take credit cards at all?
How do I get my guests to pay online?

Why should I consider accepting Credit Cards at all?

Vacation Rentals are becoming more and more popular each year as travelers can find them online easily and discover how much better they are when compared to hotels.
The Vacation Rental industry is still in its infancy and is no way near as established as the hotel industry. This is changing as we become more mainstream and expectations rise as we host more guests whose only experience is from staying at hotels.
One way that vacation rental owners can provide better service and satisfaction to these potential guests is to offer payment by credit card - something that we all tend to expect when shopping online.

Why everyone should consider online credit card payments for the VR market today

  • Assurance - guests feel more comfortable paying this way (VR scams do happen)
  • Viability - your own merchant account shows that you are credit-worthy and therefore more trust-worthy
  • Security - no faxing (or emailing!!) credit card details, the guest enters them securely online
  • 24/7 access - the guest can pay as their daily schedule permits, with no dependency on your own availability
  • Less hassle - online payments, straight to your account. No waiting for checks and a trip to the bank.

Reasons for thinking about offering credit cards:

If you...

  • have ever thought about taking credit cards but were turned off by the up-front, monthly and cancellation fees
  • use PayPal now and are worried about a renter requesting a charge-back without much chance for you to fight it, have problems with charging large amounts or find that your guests have too many problems making a payment
  • take credit cards now but want an online payment page that dispenses with the waiting, faxing, mailing and uncertainty over the card validity?
  • take credit cards now but the monthly minimums are too high (especially for low periods)

...then I have some good news, please Compare Credit Card providers here.