Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

All owners benefit


When you have limited time to manage the advertising and bookings for your Vacation Rental property it’s easy to make mistakes. Using the right vacation rental management software can give you your life back, all but eliminate mistakes, improve guest satisfaction, increase your revenues and save costs.

This section discusses how vacation rental management software tools can help you. It's not so much a question of can vacation rental management software improve things, but which software offers the most benefits for the way that you run your vacation rental. Most vacation rental management software lets you add reservations, it's what else you are able to do that is most important.

What can vacation rental management software provide?

Most vacation rental management software offers basic reservation entry and then varying amounts of additional data. This allows you to keep each reservation up-to-date and produce reports, such as for check-in/out lists and amounts paid per reservation. This also determined your availability calendar and prevents double-bookings as the system should not allow overlapping dates.

  1. Reservation entry - with various amounts of information in addition to basic arrival, departure and status fields
  2. Amounts owed for accommodation and other items such as option (eg. pool heat) and taxes
  3. Amounts paid against the reservation
  4. Availability calendar accessible either on your PC or a web browser

Vacation rental management software targeting individual/small owners offer extras to reduce the amount of time you need to spend. Individual/Small owners usually do not have full-time staffing, like the larger vacation rental management companies - in fact, most have a different full-time job and do this in their "spare" time. This means that every aspect of vacation rental management needs to be efficient so that guests are delighted with professional service while the owner doesn't use up all of their spare time achieving that. There are many tasks that can be made simpler for the owner by the right vacation rental management software.

  1. Automatic Reminders to ensure that you never forget when a payment is due or to send a welcome home email etc.
  2. Fast email response mechanisms to ensure you have the best chance at securing a booking
  3. Professional email templates for dealing with guests
  4. Email delivery trackiing and automatic follow-up
  5. Customization to meet your individual requirements and ways of running your business
  6. Availability calendar that can be embedded on your own website anf synchronized with other advertisers and your mobile phone
  7. Your own website with a unique URL that can be used to direct your inquirers to if you don’t have your own site already

Why should you consider using vacation rental management software?

  1. How much time do you spend on the repetitive things? How much time does that leave for improving your marketing effectiveness?
  2. Ever had a double-booking? We still remember the first time that this happened and knew we needed something to stop that in future
  3. Have you ever forgotten about an overdue payment or to update your property managers/cleaners schedule whan a change was made?
  4. Do you perhaps need a faster way to respond to inquiries - adding the dates/rates/options/inquirer info automatically in a nice-looking email for you to review/edit and send? Response times are usually the most important factor in determining whether you have a chance to secure a booking from an inquiry
  5. Do you need to track and analyse the performance of your advertising sites so you can figure out whether to continue paying their fees?

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  1. Email delivery trackiing and automatic follow-up