Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Spending too much time managing your VR?

It's very easy to be drawn into the details of managing your own vacation rental and spend every minute you can figuring out how to make things better.

The trouble is that most of the time is usually spent doing things that don't add a great deal of value in terms of marketing yourself to more guests (to cover your ever increasing costs), or they are very repetitive things.

Think about how much time is spent responding to inquiries, processing reservations and payments, paying bills, dealing with the local property manager or cleaner versus updating your website with better wording and photos and adding specials to other advertising sites to fill those upcoming weeks.

We all manage and develop systems to help us cope. We do get it wrong sometimes (double bookings) and are often rushed so don't spend as much time on those inquiry responses as we'd like.

The biggest dicotomy, in my opinion, is that when responding to an inquiry you need to respond as quickly as possible and as clearly/professionally as possible. For most people it's a compromise - quick responses are usually more terse and prone to error. Even if you have a few pretty ready-made email templates the amounts need to be calculated correctly and any specific questions answered. You also need to be especially careful to avoid a double-booking.


The Quoted Online Booking capability at lets you avoid this dichotomy by providing you with a ready-to-send email containing as many quotes as you'd like - these quotes are generated automatically or you can add them manually (add dates and click some options). The system even offers nearby date suggestions based upon your preferences. All rates are calculated for you - accommodation, options, taxes so there's no chance of an error (you can change the amounts if you want to). Double bookings are not possible in the system and are not quotable.It only takes a few seconds to generate a pretty formatted email that you know is correct. In addition, the email allows you to market you and your VR more in the response by providing clear quotes and property information.

Not only that, the response contains a secure link to the same quote online so that the inquirer can book online (and pay by credit card if you have that set up) and the reservation is entered into the system for you automatically - you get an email notification.


So, what do you think? A few seconds per inquiry response can result in an online reservation in your account and even payment. Spend the time saved marketing your VR or just take some time away from it all.