Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Free-to-list advertising sites, one setup for all

Looking for more exposure for your property, but don't want to pay anything unless you make some money?

A Partner Listing Site (PLS) is a free-to-list advertising site that will generate inquiries that you can choose to respond to or not. If you do response and make a booking then pay a $5 per night booked.

All Partner Listing Sites have:

  • No up-front or annual fees
  • A performance-based commission structure at rates published on the Pricing Page of the site.

You only need the free MyVRZone account to use this and once set up you can forget about it. If you subscribe to the VRSync service then then your availability will be kept up-to-date as well. automatically publishes the listing information and keeps it up to date on all sites when infomation and availability is changed by the account owner.

Current partner listing sites are:

MyVRZone will automatically publish property listings to Partner Listing Site's that cover the propertys location and have a description and at least one photo.

Click here to register for a free MyVRZone account to get started.


Please see these payment directions if you have made a booking from one of these sites.