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Availability/Reservations on your mobile/personal calendar?

Even though you may never be far away from internet access, there are times when it would be more convenient to see reservations/availability on a "normal" calendar - you know, like MS Outlook or Google's Gcal and/or on a mobile phone.

MyVRZone provides a version of the availability calendar in a standard format called "iCal". Google and MS Outlook, as well as many other calendar applications, can read this format and you'll see your reservations show up next to your other calendars when viewed.

There are currently 2 views:

  1. Private View
    This contains some reservation details and is designed for only the owner to see. Details are:
    1. Reservation Status (Tentative, Pending or Confirmed)
    2. Property Name
    3. Name of Guest (if available - depends on subscription)
    4. Reservation Notes
    5. Link to reservation for editing
  2. Public View
    This is for those that want to make their calendar public. This just shows reservation Status and Property Name - nothing else.
    See Real Example: Neil's Vacation Rentals - Public view


What do I need to get this to work?

A free MyVRZone account. Register here.

How does it work, how do I get my availability onto my calendars?

Please see this knowledgebase entry for more details and examples.

I have more than one property - how does that work?

You have the choice of using either:

  1. A combined calendar with both properties - distinguished by their Property Name as a Category (MS  Outlook uses this - you can color them differently there)
  2. Separate calendars, one for each property. Use this if you want to use Google Calendars AND want to show each property as a different color.

Is that all it does - what about my other calendars?

You can sync up your calendar with the main VR Listing sites automatically too, plus embed one in your own website - all independent of any one Listing site. See more here.

There's a bunch of other things to make your lives easier too - check out more automation here.