Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Vacation Rental Referral Network™

Referral Network Distribution

Take a look at the current referral network distribution, below, for your City, Community and Street.

If your city is not there yet then it will be added automatically when your property information is entered during setup.

The referral network only has value to you if there is more than one member in your city/community/street so ask those that you already know to join for your mutual benefit.

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How does the VRRN work?

Each member of the referral network specifies their property (or properties) with number of bedrooms, max occupancy and address online.

When you have a surplus inquiry fom your own marketing efforts or need to find another property, just log in to the system, go to the Referral page and enter the request. For Platinum Plan subscribers there's a "Make Referral" button that will take a request from your Quote page and pre-fill the Referral page automatically, so it's really quick. Matches will be shown and you can send an email right there. You can choose to have responses go directly to the original requestor for your surplus inquiries or to you if you want to coordinate things for a larger booking.

With many members of the Vacation Rental Referral Network there's a better chance that we can successfully share potential bookings with our own communities.

At the same time, we are able to help travelers - showing them that we are more than just a collection of owners - we are a helpful and professional community.

How to Join / Registration / Fees

There are no fees for referral network membership, all you need to do is register here, activate from the email you will receive and then enter your property information in the Setup area.

There are directions and hover-help for the fields so you should be able to complete this quickly.

You will then be able to receive and send referrals within the network. If you do get a successful booking through the system then you'll pay the originator of the referral a fee as set forth in the Pricing page. If you get no bookings then you pay nothing - if you generate surplus inquiries and enter them into the referral network then you can earn referral fees.

Have you made a successful booking via the Network?

Excellent, simply follow the instructions in the knowledgebase to arrange payment to the submitter.