Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Silver plan subscription

A FREE online Vacation Rental Management Software system with multiple property support and membership of the VR Referral Network™ and listing on all appropriate Partner Listing Sites:

  1. An always-up-to-date, customizable calendar for integration with your own website or direct link
  2. A Guestbook for integration with your own website or reference - with auto language translation
  3. Share and receive surplus inquiries with your local community
  4. Simple check-in/out report
  5. Upcoming availability gap summary to highlight dates for special offers
  6. Advertiser performance analysis
  7. VRSync-compatible: Optionally synchronize availability with major advertising sites and your personal calendars automatically with the VRSync service (separate fee required)
Extensive help
Help is always there to assist with mouse-over fields, page directions and a help section. The Help section pages provide an overview on how to set up and operate the tools. Many pages have a Directions column that gives specific advice and recommendations for the page being viewed. Finally, and of most use, is the mouse-over help that you get on just about every field in the system. Put your mouse pointer over the field name for a description and examples as appropriate.
VR Referral Network™ Membership
Quickly find additional properties close to your own for those large groups that need more space - by street, community and city. Receive qualified inquires from owners in your neighborhood for additional rental opportunities. Share surplus inquires within your local community and earn a referral fee (note that this for inquiries that the owner has generated directly and not for forwarding those generated by your advertising sites).
Partner Listing Sites - free-to-list
Your property is automatically listed on all the listing sites that MyVRZone powers if it is within their location. All you need to do is enter your property information and keep your availability updated (directly or by a subscription to the VRSync service). If you do get a booking then a commission of $5 per night booked is due - nothing to pay if you don't get a booking. See the list of sites here.
Availability can be synchronized with other listing sites and calendars using the additional VRSync service.
A fee is required for this separate service regardless of the Management Tools plan you choose, see pricing here.
Multiple Property support
Add as many properties as you like. Your calendar can display them all at once so you can quickly see where you have availability.
Tentative, Pending & Confirmed status
Assign status to each reservation. You can choose how you use the status but the following is recommended:
  1. Tentative for initial or unverified reservations, no booking paperwork, no booking deposit.
  2. Pending for reservations with booking paperwork but awaiting a booking deposit.
  3. Confirmed for reservations that have booking paperwork and have paid any booking deposit.
  4. Unavailable for periods that you do not wish to make available.
Advertiser Tracking and Performance tracking
Each reservation tracks 2 advertising sources and a report shows the performance of each. You can track the fact that an inquiry came in directly from your own website and that it got to your website from a particular advertiser's link.
Integrated Credit Card processing (blank form)
Credit Card & PayPal payments page is provided for you to allow your guests to pay online. Send a secure link to your guest so that they can log in and complete a blank form online. You and the guest are emailed a confirmation of the payment.
Only accounts with CDGC and eComm (the MyVRZone preferred providers) are supported with the free Silver Plan account.
Reports (Check-in/out, Gaps, Advertiser Performance)
A Check-in/out report shows the guest, dates and days before arrival that were unoccupied (Back-2-backs are highlighted). The Gap summary shows date ranges that are not booked so you can quickly decide if you need to make any special offers. The Advertiser report shows the where your reservations have come from over a period of your choice along with nights booked and occupancy rate.
View, Email, Print or download them as a Spreadhseet.
Personal, integratable calendar - truly independent with no links/advertising
If you have your own website then either integrate or link to the MyZRZone calendar and know that your visitors will always see the latest availability.
Customise the colors, how many months are displayed, how to show pending reservations (booked, unbooked or pending) and whether to display as half-days to show back-to-back availability more clearly.
For multiple properties, choose to show them all on one display for easy viewing.
There are no links to other properties or services so you can be confident in keeping your visitor on your site.
Mouse-over/Click calendar to manage
When logged in to MyVRZone, mousing over your calendar will show you a summary of any reservations. Clicking on the reservation will take you to that reservation.
Language Translation (Guest Book, Feedback Form, Payment Form)
Allow visitors to view your Guest Book and read the Feedback Form in a foreign language with automatic translation. If you are using the integrated Credit Card procesisng then that, too, will be included in the translation.