Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Platinum plan subscription

A comprehensive online Vacation Rental Management Software system with all that the Silver and Gold plans offer plus:

  1. Personalized email auto-responders
    1. keep your response rate high
    2. multiple choices for when to respond and which template to use
    3. include real inquirer email address
  2. Professional quotes in seconds from many email sources:
    1. gets real inquirer email address if hidden by listing site
    2. always accurate
    3. multi-property, multi-currency
    4. alternative suggestions for preferred arrival day and no gaps
    5. optionally adjust each quote and include discounts
  3. Send pretty, professional-looking letters easily with dynamic, customizable templates & stationery
  4. Emails have a link for an online view in case their email reader does not display it well
  5. Online email view allows translation into many languages for those that don't have English as a first language
  6. Quoted Online Booking™ gives you control with online booking capabilities
  7. Never forget with unlimited, customizable reminders:
    1. send any email template to the guest or a vendor
    2. one page to review for any active reminders
    3. action/do them with a single click
    4. have the reminder execute automatically if you want
  8. Emails are tracked for successful delivery
    1. If not read then a simpler follow-up email can be sent out automatically
    1. Ensures the best possible chance of a successful delivery

Personalized email auto-responders

Some advertising sites have started tracking inquiry response times to adjust listing rank. Use an auto-responder to ensure that your response is registered quickly.

You can usually set up your own email account to respond in this way, but if you want to personalize it with the guest's information or only provide different responses under certain cisrumstances, then you'll need a more sophisticated auto-responder.

MyVRZone has 4 auto-responder types to cover most situations - in addition, it will fetch the real email address of the inquirer if it has been hidden/changed by the advertiser.

Each auto-responder can have a different response template - allowing flexibility over what you want to say in different circumstances. Only one of the following auto-responders will send a response for any incoming email:

  1. Replied To: For previously-replied-to emails.
    Typically, this happens as part of a conversation you are having with a traveler.
  2. New Inquiry: For an inquiry from a listing site where the email address has not been responded to before.
    Typically, this is a new inquiry from a known listing site.
  3. Advertiser Email: For an inquiry from a listing site that does not use the real inquirer email address.
    They generate a different email address for you to response to instead - that email goes to the advertising site rather than the inquirer. These are the sites that have hidden the email address for security reasons and can/will use that to track your responses.
  4. Default: For every email that comes in.
    If the email does not match one of the other auto-responders above then this will send a response if configured.

See more details here: Auto Responders

Professional quotes in seconds
  1. Respond quickly to all inquiries (from email and website forms) with a professional look:
  2. quotes are always accurate, with the latest pricing
  3. multiple properties are searched and can be included in the same quote
  4. multiple currencies are supported - provide up to 2 per quotation with your own exchange rates
  5. alternative suggestions are provided for any preferred arrival day and in an attempt to leave no gaps. Choose to include these or not.
  6. edit/adjust each quote that the system provides if you want to
  7. apply fixed/percentage adjustments to the rental amount
  8. apply fixed/percentage discounts to the rental amount and have it show up in the quote explicitly (along with a reason and any conditions)
  9. see any previous request/quote activity in the history area to avoid duplicating quotes
  10. redo any request quickly from the list of done requests
SmartPhone/Tablet mobile site for inquiry responses on-the-go
Responding quickly to requests is important and is often limited when you are away from your desktop to sending a holding response.

Now you can use the mobile site to respond with a full quote from your SmartPhone or Tablet wherever you are. With a fast and natural user experience this gives owners the same flexibility to add and change inquiries and quotations as they get from the desktop version. See a preview before sending to confirm that everything is as you intend.

It's designed to be low bandwidth to keep costs down and hooks into all the regular benefits you get such as email tracking and communications history. It's just a more appropriate way to repond when you are out and about.
Quoted Online Booking™ (QOB) - book online from quotes you send by email
Online booking usually presents the owner with concern over the renter and that odd dates will be booked leaving days that are difficult to fill.

Not any more - with Quoted Online Booking™, only quotes that you have already provided can be booked online. Anything that you quote is open to booking by that inquirer util another booking is taken that overlaps it, you cancel the quote or it expires.

The Inquirer clicks on a Book Now link in their quote and can view their quotes securely online, choose one and book it using the online Booking Form. Your own Terms & Conditions are displayed and the Inquirer is required to initial agreement to this and that they are over the minimum age that you have set. Once submitted the reservation appears in your account as a Tentative (does not block dates) or Pending (blocks dates) reservation. The Inquirer can immediately make a secure payment online if the integrated Credit Card or PayPal account is active.

A professional quote that takes you seconds to produce can result in a fully paid booking without any extra work from you - no retyping, errors or waiting for faxes. You'll see progress by email and can make the reservation confirmed once you are happy with it and any payment has been received.
Unattended Online Booking™ (UOB) - book from your website
If you want to allow Travelers to get quotations and book from your own website it's now easier than ever.

With a single line of HTML you can include a whole booking engine. Use the built-in themes or your own CSS to style it to match your own colors. Display one or more properties at once and offer multiple currencies.

The Traveler chooses dates, gets a quote, chooses a currency (if there are multiple ones) and then can have the quote sent to them by email to look at/book it later, or just book right there.

The Traveler completes the normal online Booking Form. Your own Terms & Conditions are displayed and the Traveler is required to initial agreement to this and that they are over the minimum age that you have set.

Once submitted the reservation appears in your account as a Tentative (does not block dates) or Pending (blocks dates) reservation. The Owner is notified and can then review the reservation and decide whether to confirm.

Once a reservation is Pending or Confirmed the Traveler can make online payments (Credit Card or PayPal) for the amount due at that time.

Now you can get a fully paid booking without any extra work from you - no typing, errors or waiting for faxes. You'll see progress by email and can make the reservation confirmed once you are happy with it and all payments have been received.
Email/Print letters from unlimited customizable dynamic templates
Use customisable dynamic templates to communicate professionally with your guests.

Define Stationery to set the general look and feel of your letters in HTML. Then define the text that you want to appear in a Template - choosing which Stationery (if any) should be used. Start from scratch or use some of the examples as a starting point.

Dynamic templates allow you to send professional letters with a consistent style that are specific to each guest or reservation. The template is dynamic in that special tokens in the text are replaced by real information that comes from the Reservation, Guest or Owner.

Insert Tokens into the text to show what you want to say. For the more advanced templates, sections of text can be conditionally included for providing a more targeted letter with a single template. Any token can be used to make a conditional text section.

Predefined templates and Stationery are provided and can be used without alteration. Choose to customize these predefined examples to suit your own style or start from scratch.
Unlimited Customizable Reminders with auto-execute
Never forget an action for your reservations again.

Define your own reminders and assign an action to them that can be performed automatically or manually. Using dynamic, customizable templates you can email/print professional letters with reservation-specific information very easily.

For example: Set an automatic payment reminder to be emailed to your guests 10 days before it's due that summarizes the reservation and shows the specific amount due, when it's due and what it's for.
Dynamic Todo-list with easy execute/undo/redo
For reminders that are not set to automatically execute, view a list of actions to do at the reservation level and in a single report. Directly from the list choose to action the Todo (perform any assigned action and set it as Done), Preview the todo (preview any letter for editing and send/cancel) or Ignore the Todo.

Add notes to the todo item when completed if needed for future reference (you may have Ignored the Todo for some good reason) or choose to undo or redo it.
Know when your email response get read and which links inside have been clicked
Quickly see which emails show activity and if you have a repeat email you can see any previous activity before you respond again. By default, each email that you send using the system (Quotations and Reservations) will report when it has been opened and what links in it are clicked on. Use this to check if your emails are getting though and which links are being viewed so that you can focus on ensuring that the important ones are most prominant.
NOTE that emails can be opened and read without the system knowing if image display is disabled when it is read.
Language Translation (adds all emails sent out or received)
Each email sent to your guest can include a link to an online version of that email which can then be translated into a different language. The online link has benefits other than translation for a recipient's email client that can't deal with HTML and does not convert it to plain text well.
In addition, any incoming email requests can be quickly translated from the Quote page's requests list.
Automatic Discounts, Surcharges and Promo Codes
When quoting you may often want to add a Late Availability discount if the arrival dates are within a certain number of days, or add a surcharge if the number if days is less than a minimum amount, or make a special offer using a promotion code that can be redeemed for a discount if used within a certain time.
You can add as many discounts, surcharges and promo codes as you want and they will automatically be applied to your request quotations.