Vacation Rental Management for busy people!


Online Management Tools Subscriptions (per month)

Silver PlanPlatinum Plan
FREE Per property, per month:
$10.00 1st property
$5.00 2nd and more properties

60 day free trial


Availability / Calendar synchronization is a separate service (see VRSync below).

You can add as many reservations as you like without additional fees for simply recording them.

VRSync using the VR Hub (per year)
Multi-way availability synchronization

Ensure that your listing calendars are up-to-date (for improved ranking) even if there are no changes.

$24 per property (for 24-hour automatic synchronizations)

Discounts are applied for multiple properties:
5% for 2-4 properties
10% for 5-9 properties
15% for 10-19 properties
20% for 20-49 properties
25% for 50 or more.

14 day free trial


This is a separate service, not included with any Management Tools Subscriptions

Service availability can change from day-to-day - please check VRSync here for the latest known status before deciding to subscribe.



Email & Knowledgebase
Reasonable and normal Email support is provided at no cost to each user.
The MyVRZone Knowledgebase also provides a good source of information and wisdom.

Referral Fees

Referral Fees are only due from sources that MyVRZone provides, AND where you have a confirmed booking. There are no fees for reservations or referrals from any other place. You are under no obligation to respond to any request - if you do, and get a booking, then a fee is due.

MyVRZone-powered VR Referral Network

MembershipWhen you get a bookingWhen you get a commission


Your properties are automatically included in this. A fee is due if you book.

Pay $5.00 commission per night booked to the submitter of the referral, the "Referral Originator"

This is the referral commission

Pay 50% of all referral commissions to

This is a split of the referral commissions paid by Referral Recipients

Other Fees

If you'd like other services then the pricing is shown below - if there's something else you need then let us know.

Professional Services

Data Import / Website Transfer
$65 per hour

If you have reservations and guest contact details in some type of electronic format (spreadsheet, database or website) then it is possible to import this into MyVRZone so you can retain your history and contacts.

If moving to our web hosting then we can assist with the transfer if needed.

Letter Customization
Priced per job.

Stationery and template editing requires a knowledge of HTML and in some cases simple programming constructs in order to provide the flexibility needed. Changes are often one-offs that are done up-front and then rarely touched afterwards. For those that have a preferred format/letterhead then this may be created once here for use in all communications.

Website Integration
$79.00 Calendar + Guest Book
$99.00 Calendar + Guest Book + Request + Rates

Assumes access to existing site, easy edit/addition of pages and any configuration/display choices are already made.

Prices are subject to change at any time except for any work already in progress.